Why React When You Can Adapt

It's 2014 and many brands and businesses are still using social media and search engine optimization as two separate digital marketing strategies each measured and actioned in their own silo. Usually search engine optimization belongs to the marketing department and social media to the PR department. This might make sense because SEO is a physical marketing method and social media has to do with PR, but in reality, and what is busy happening at Google and the other top search engines, SEO and social media should work together.

For some time now, Google has been integrating social indicators (social signals) into their algorithm and this will play a major role in determining your organic rankings on the search engine result pages (SERP's). Even though many are trying to bring these two mediums (SEO and social media) together, they are struggling because they don't know how to use SEO and social media together to work in one silo and so AdaptiveSEO was born. 

Why AdaptiveSEO?

Google and all the other top search engines have changed their search algorithms tremendously over the last couple of years due to the fact that their number 1 goal is to give the best user experience to their customers (anyone using Google search), and provide them with the most relevant and up to date information. With the boom of social media and the real-time nature of this medium, to keep on reaching their business goal, they had to integrate social media into their search algorithm.People are human and are more likely to trust a website recommended personally by their friends than by a search engine. Websites with a strong social presence have better conversion rates and brand loyalty, leading to more sales, more word-of-mouth referrals, and greater brand awareness, all of which leads to more positive reviews and inbound links.

Due to the success of social media to connect people together basically anywhere in the world, it was wise of Google to integrate social signals in their search algorithm. This clearly shows that a new approach to SEO should be taken if you want to take advantage of social signals and AdaptiveSEO is the answer.

AdaptiveSEO focuses on Content Marketing and Social Media

With content and social media being direct ranking factors on Google's search algorithm, you cannot use SEO, content marketing and social media in their own silos anymore. With AdaptiveSEO you can combine them so that you will have one strategy that will compliment your entire web presence. This will also give you a clear indication of the ROI of your social media and content marketing campaigns because you will see if your social media efforts has any effect on your business goals. ​

AdaptiveSEO benefits

  • It will improve your organic rankings because you can focus on quality content that is written to engage with your audience. 
  • Social media is all about engagement, and by combining SEO and social media, you can increase your engagement score, as more people will be able to reach you online. 
  • Increase the awareness of who you are, what you stand for, and what you do, which will help with your credibility online. 
  • Improve your transparency online. 
  • Improve your digital footprint online. 
  • Measure social media ROI. It has always been difficult to measure social media ROI, but it's possible with measuring the correct metrics when you combine SEO and social media
AdaptiveSEO is here to stay. Start integrating content marketing and social media in your SEO campaign plan to take advantage of all the "social signals" Google has integrated on their search algorithm.


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